Our Philosophy


Our Purpose: We build community by knocking down silos, building bridges, and connecting and empowering people from all walks of life.

JMCA knows that making an impact on one person can in turn impact the lives of many. When you empower one person to be their best, in every aspect of their lives, their relationships  — business partners, employees, spouse, children and so on — benefit as well. That is what we call building community through business.

This “building community” philosophy is grounded in the theories of scarcity and abundance. Many businesses, corporations, and nonprofits today operate in survival mode, doing what is necessary to keep operations going while feeling like it’s nearly impossible to get ahead. Through our work, we will uproot barriers to growth, helping you ultimately arrive at a place of abundance so that you can “do more” rather than “just enough.”

What is “doing more” exactly? It’s being bigger than just business. It’s taking a hard look at how you want to show up and making a deep commitment to build community and impact the world by using your skills and talents. Jeff embodies this philosophy through his work with Manna Food Center, the Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery County and Leadership Montgomery.

This is the philosophy we live by. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you to do the same, and to get beyond “good enough.”