Jeff has been a godsend for my small business! He’s my most trusted advisor and always keeps me on track. From day-to-day operations to strategic planning, Jeff knows what questions to ask and helps me to make the best decisions to grow my business in a sustainable way.

Mike Matthews, CMP
Event Alliez, LLC
Your Event, Maximized

I was introduced to Jeff Miller when I joined Culta as their Human Resource Director. It was my first time working with a business coach and I was uncertain of the benefits he could provide to myself and our team. It did not take long to see the value Jeff brought. With his coaching, our management team has been able to create positive relationships among other leaders and subordinates. He has challenged all of us to work outside our comfort zones to achieve personal and professional goals. We have proven to show growth as individuals and as a team. Jeff will continue to be very instrumental in our continued success. We look forward to having Jeff continue as a trusted resource for our leadership team.

Anna Adkins
Culta, LLC
Cambridge, MD

I want to thank you for attending the training. The employees still talk about what you said. As a matter of fact, if someone is cranky here, the new thing people say is, “You are below the line, you need to be above the line.” It’s made a real difference in how the team works together.

McKenzie Marly
Culta, LLC
Cambridge, MD

“Jeff has been tremendously helpful. First, he helped me develop a long-term view of my practice. Second, he taught me to attend to those details that needed work to achieve my goals. I am getting from him what I would hope to get from a partner– skills and attitudes that make up for what I lack in running my business. The investment I have made in working with Jeff is absolutely worth the price – together, we continue to fashion a system for better attention to income, fees and cash flow.”

Ron M. Landsman, P.A.
Rockville, MD

Inviting Jeff Miller to work with our organization has been the most rewarding business investment I’ve ever made.The personal and professional growth that my team members and I have experienced as a result of our work with Jeff has far exceeded my expectations. Our sales figures are steadily increasing and our employee retention and staff morale is at an all-time high. For the first time in my career, I have a solid plan of action to achieve the vision and mission of our family business that I am so proud of. And, our net income is 136.5 percent higher than 1 year ago today!”

Adam Krause
Krause Decorating, Co.
Beltsville, MD

Jeff helped us focus on building the foundations of the business without getting distracted by the day-to-day activities but most important – he helped me separate my business from my family life. What I like about Jeff’s style is that he directs people to work “on” the business instead of “in” the business. For entrepreneurs who live and breathe their business 24 hours/day, seven days/week, that approach helps us keep our sanity where it should be while we grow our business with a clear mind.”

Avner Skolnik
Rockville, MD

“I have been working with Jeff for four years, and we really have benefited from coaching and the Strategic Planning Retreat. During the retreat, we identified both opportunities and potential weaknesses. More importantly, we developed ways to deal with those over the next phase of business growth. It was also very helpful to leave the retreat with a vision and written plan for the next 5-7 years backed into a 12 month action plan for implementation!”

Eric Wexler
The Law Offices of Eric Wexler, CPA
Rockville, MD

“It’s been great reconnecting and working with Jeff again. I look forward to his positive attitude and the knowledge of business he brings to every meeting.

Erik Krause
Krause Commercial Painting
Beltsville, MD

“Jeff delivered his presentation titled, “If Not Now, When? – Business + Leadership + Service” to our group of entrepreneurs and business leaders. His content was informative, fun, and had immediate application. Throughout Jeff’s presentation he challenged our existing paradigms and provided tools to help us create the cultural shifts we needed to make in our businesses for greater social and financial impact. Feedback from all who attended Jeff’s talk was extremely positive.”

Kelly Leonard
Taylor-Leonard Corporation
Mongtomary Village, MD

“Every star athlete has a coach…every business owner should also have a coach to help him/her be the best they can be.  Jeff has been my coach for over 8 years. I would not be where I am today without his involvement and advice…he helps with life and is a true trusted advisor”

Harold L. Mohn Jr.
Managing Director | UHY Advisors Mid-Atlantic MD, Inc.
Columbia, MD

Jeff’s unique approach to the hiring process has helped our firm select from a superior pool of candidates and has helped us avoid making the same mistakes again”

Mark Avallone
Potomac Wealth Advisors, LLC
Rockville, MD

“I’ve sat through many strategic planning sessions before and Jeff Miller’s style and approach are one of the most effective I’ve seen. He does a great job in empowering people to speak openly and honestly and take an objective look at their business to continually push the conversation forward. In leaving the session, my client had very clear targets, indicators, and action plans that made a big difference in the first year after planning. We could measure and see tangible results within 6 months.”

Kait LeDonne
LeDonne Branding Company

“I just wanted to reiterate how valuable your content was for our entire team in attendance today! I am very thankful that we are working together and I will surely do all that I can to make this relationship meaningful for every employee!

Kelly Jackson
Culta, LLC
Cambridge, MD

“… Once I started working with Jeff I learned how much money I was leaving on the table as a result of old processes that did not adequately capture my full value. After just one month my revenue doubled. In addition to the practical everyday coaching that Jeff provides (process, people, and methodology), he is an invaluable sounding board, he helps me see a broad range of options and possibilities, and he shines a light on blind spots that I would not have otherwise considered. As business owners we create large goals and expectations for ourselves and for me personally, having Jeff as my coach is a big part of my success story”.

Naheed Oberfeld
Oberfeld Coaching
Gaithersburg, MD

“Jeff ran a series of workshops on Time Management for our graduate students and faculty at Emory University, in the School of Medicine, and did a wonderful job of bringing business best practices to academics. These workshops have already had a positive impact on the attendees and sparked some great, ongoing discussions.

Dr. Rick Kahn
Emory University
Atlanta, GA

“Jeff Miller recently provided his consulting services to 14 aspiring entrepreneurs in our non-profit program. He is a great teacher who somehow spoke to everyone in the room even though people were at different levels in the group. He provided relevant information, pushed these entrepreneurs to improve certain aspects of their business, but also left them feeling inspired. We receive pro bono support from some of the best organizations in the region, and Jeff is without question one of the best!”

Graham McLaughlin
Changing Perceptions
Washington DC

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