Community Service Award


Jeff Miller receives Community Service Award at the 2016 Public Safety Awards Ceremony. Jeff, who was presented the award by retiring City of Rockville Police Chief Terry Treschuck, later stated “it was an honor to be recognized for community service and I am humbled to stand in the company of the other public safety award recipients who contribute daily to the welfare and safety of our community. I am especially honored to share a stage with Chief Terry Treschuk, who at the same ceremony received the Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Clients Willing to Play

JMCA Party 1

On Tuesday, February 2nd, Betsy and I had the pleasure of hosting our annual Client Appreciation event; this year at VisArts in Rockville, where we picked up paintbrushes, for the most part with skepticism, and took on the challenge of painting a canvas. In the process, we laughed, we networked, we had fun, and we all had the opportunity to express our creativity.

JMCA Party 2Over the years, I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs and business people who express their creative spirits through their work. At the event, we took that creative spirit to a place most of us haven’t tried before. Some of us even painted “outside the lines” (we know who we are) and were surprised at the amazing results, which were as varied as we are. What all the paintings had in common was they showed our willingness to take on a challenge and run with it!

JMCA Party 3Thank you to all who came and we missed those who couldn’t make it. Enjoy these photos and view the rest of the album on our Facebook page (and please like the page if you haven’t already!).

Jeff and Betsy