Volunteering: “Getting prisoners life-ready to prevent a return to crime”

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I’m honored to be volunteering at the American Job Center pilot prison program in Montgomery County. Learn more about the program in this video news report: “Getting prisoners life-ready to prevent a return to crime” (I make two cameo appearances.)

If you or your company would like to be a part of this program, contact me today.

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Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance Honored for Community Service in Montgomery County

Potomac, Md. (Oct. 16, 2015) – The Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery County (CVC) honored Jeff Miller, president of Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance (JMCA), with the 2015 Sole Proprietor of the Year Award at today’s CVC’s Annual Awards Luncheon.

Miller was recognized for the contributions he has made to several county-based initiatives over the past year. He created and continues to lead a series of three 90-minute workshops per month at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Boyds, Md., a program he developed through his work with ONESTOP. The federal-, state- and county-funded program is designed to work with inmates that are approaching their release date. He also serves on the boards of the CVC and Impact Silver Spring.

“Bigger than just business” is the driving mission and culture of Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance,” Miller said. “I believe that it is the responsibility and obligation of every business owner and their team to give back and build a better county through whatever corporate responsibility service and cause that speaks to them.”

The Annual Awards Luncheon honors CVC member businesses for the support they provide to the Montgomery County community through employee volunteer engagement. Other 2015 award recipients include Sodexo, Honest Tea, and Emergent Bio Solutions.

About Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance
Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance (JMCA) provides strategic counsel and tactical support to businesses, corporations and nonprofits in the Washington, D.C. area and beyond. Services include one-on-one executive coaching, assessments, small business development, workshops and seminars, goal-setting exercises, board retreat facilitation, leadership and managerial training, human resources advising and more. JMCA President Jeff Miller is a steward of corporate philanthropy and actively volunteers with several organizations that serve the Montgomery County community. To learn more about Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance, please visit www.jmconsultingalliance.com.

About the Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery County
The Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery County educates businesses on how to partner with and support non-profit organizations by helping create successful volunteer/charitable programs that positively impact the business, its employees and the local community.

The Impact of Giving Back

giving back jmcaEach and every company, no matter the size, is part of a larger community. It is our responsibility as business owners, managers, executives, and members of that community to give back to it. You can make an invaluable difference by contributing to the community that supports and inspires your business.


The unofficial tagline of Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance is “bigger than just business.” A large part of that means involvement in the community. I have served as Chairman of the Board at the Rockville Chamber of Commerce, and at Manna Food Center. The Rockville Chamber promotes educational, social, and cultural programs to help the community succeed. Manna Food Center organizes food drives to supply the hungry with nourishment. I’m also currently on the Board of the Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery County (CVC-MC) as the vice chair of the organization’s service committee, and the Board of IMPACT Silver Spring. CVC-MC gives back by educating businesses in the area on how to create successful charitable programs and therefore, increasing community involvement overall. IMPACT Silver Spring is focused on helping the community thrive socially, economically, and civically by celebrating diversity and cultivating stronger relationships and opportunity networks.


Giving back to the community is much more than just sitting on boards, though. It is involving oneself in innovation through change. It’s about developing new ways to make your community a better place to live. It’s also about practicing teamwork and problem solving within your organization and within your neighborhood. Companies that encourage giving back set themselves apart from competition and tend to benefit significantly. Some of those benefits include earning the trust and admiration of customers, which creates a more loyal clientele; invigorated employees and a boost in company morale; and respect and a positive reputation in the community.


Making the decision to give back can profoundly impact not only the community, but your organization as well. Our team at Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance leads by example, because it’s “bigger than just business.”


To learn more about our work and how you can give back to the community, contact Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance today.

7 Ways To Be Involved in Your Community – Because it’s Bigger Than Just Business

communityWe’re are all working longer and harder than ever have before. Small and medium-sized business owners and employees put in a full day’s work at the office (or home office) along with attending morning, afternoon and evening events, staying involved with social media, belonging to special groups (including networking groups), serving on boards, participating in trade associations and…the list goes on. A full day’s work sometimes feels like a full week’s work.

Yet, you and your staff still desire to be in involved your community, which is commendable and doable. Here are 7 ways to be involved in your community (excerpted from 10 Ways to Give Back to Your Community and edited for content).

 1. Promote Local Businesses

One of the best ways to support your community is to help out other businesses in your area. Buy local as often possible and create a page or area on your website to link to your favorite local companies. Cross networking with non-competing companies in your market helps you reach more people and help out other local business owners just like you.

2. Participate in Food Drives

Many businesses encourage employees to bring in unopened non-perishable canned and boxed foods that can be donated to local food banks and ongoing food drives. This is a fantastic way to help you community, and it requires very little additional time. A very worthy local food bank is the Manna Food Center.

3. Sponsor a Youth Sports Team

Chances are, someone on your staff has a child on a youth sports team. By sponsoring a local team, you’ll be able to help with the funds they need and get publicity in exchange for your support. This is a simple way to help out with a very minimal time investment.

4. Set Up a Collection Jar

Support your community with no time commitment. Simply choose a charity that is important to your company and collect money inside your business. Staff members’ children may also participate by sending in donations with their parents.

5. Hold a Contest

Support your community while also encouraging your employees to have fun by holding an internal contest. Select a local charity, and instead of prizes, used sponsor money to support the charity. Popular TV shows, like the Apprentice and others, have done this with great success.

6. Sponsor an Event

Sponsoring a participant in a local marathon can be a great way to show support, especially when you can support your own employees who are participating in such events.

7. Volunteer

Many businesses are now encouraging employees to volunteer and businesses can show its support by giving employees a specific amount of time each month, quarter, or year for volunteer work, which boosts morale while increasing a business’s community involvement. For a list of local groups to support, visit The Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery County (CVC-MC).

JMCA at the StartRight! Business Plan Competition for Women Entrepreneurs

On August 28 I had the privilege of sponsoring the StartRight! Business Plan Competition for Women Entrepreneurs, which was awarded at the Women’s Power Conference in Rockville, Md.

As an entrepreneur and father to two beautiful daughters, I believe that empowering women in the lively game of business is a win-win proposition. Check out the video below!

JMCA at the StartRight! Business Plan Competition

How do we build community?

As business owners and people, why do we do what we do? How do we give back? What’s our responsibility? How do we build community?

Through my involvement with Leadership Montgomery, I had the opportunity last fall to visit the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Boyds, Md. Upon speaking with the prisoners, I was struck by how bad decisions ruin lives and how some so continually fall through the cracks of our society. On the spot, and not knowing exactly how or why, I committed to get more involved hands on. A few weeks ago, I taught the first in a series of 90- to 120-minute classes at the prison. I was humbled by the prisoners’ gratitude, eagerness to learn and hope for their futures. I am not sure how or if the class affected them, but I know I will not be the same. I have given many presentations over the past 11 years, but none have been more impactful for me as was that class.