Life’s Journey – The Business Case for Balance

There was a great article in Sunday’s New York Times Business Section about Aetna’s CEO, Mark Bertolini. The link is below.

Often, a jarring or near-death life experience can change the way you live your life – your whole life. And, considering how work and play are enmeshed today, it’s almost impossible not to have the changes or adversity in one part of your life affect the others.

In the case of Mark Bertolini, the determined CEO of Aetna dramatically altered his life after a nearly-fatal skiing accident in 2004. Today, he carries forth clear and lasting changes, including incorporating yoga and meditation into his daily routine. He’s also built programs to share these lifestyle practices and options, through classes and other methods, with his staff. In many ways, he practices what he preaches, which has had a tremendous impact on his life and the lives of his employees.

Read the article to learn more about his story.

What we gained from Mark’s story, and practice as part of our business, can be summed up in a few words: breathe, stretch and absolute clarity around your goals and visions. Practice yoga, stretching and meditation. Walk. And if none of the above works for you, find your own way. But have a way. It will create a more productive work environment, happy teams and greater employee retention.

Any machine that runs too hard and too often (your brain, in this case), will suffer burn out and be less effective. Short circuits and short tempers happen. Relationships, both business and personal, suffer. Your whole life suffers.

Leave the hamster wheel on the shelf. Untreated or ignored’ pressure leads to being overworked, overbooked and, ultimately, overwhelmed. It also impacts efficiency and profits. Does this sound too familiar or close to home?

Clients come to Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance to find different ways to live and work. They are looking for balance and clarity. They want to learn and practice methods of running a business that allows them to experience more of  both financial and time freedoms, and control they sought when they started their business or accepted a management or executive position. For more information and to schedule a brief call, contact us today.

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