The Impact of Giving Back

Each and every company, no matter the size, is part of a larger community. It is our responsibility as business owners, managers, executives, and members of that community to give back to it. You can make an invaluable difference by contributing to the community that supports and inspires your business.

The unofficial tagline of Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance is “bigger than just business.” A large part of that means involvement in the community. I have served as Chairman of the Board at the Rockville Chamber of Commerce, and at Manna Food Center. The Rockville Chamber promotes educational, social, and cultural programs to help the community succeed. Manna Food Center organizes food drives to supply the hungry with nourishment. I’m also currently on the Board of the Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery County (CVC-MC) as the vice chair of the organization’s service committee, and the Board of IMPACT Silver Spring. CVC-MC gives back by educating businesses in the area on how to create successful charitable programs and therefore, increasing community involvement overall. IMPACT Silver Spring is focused on helping the community thrive socially, economically, and civically by celebrating diversity and cultivating stronger relationships and opportunity networks.

Giving back to the community is much more than just sitting on boards, though. It is involving oneself in innovation through change. It’s about developing new ways to make your community a better place to live. It’s also about practicing teamwork and problem solving within your organization and within your neighborhood. Companies that encourage giving back set themselves apart from competition and tend to benefit significantly. Some of those benefits include earning the trust and admiration of customers, which creates a more loyal clientele; invigorated employees and a boost in company morale; and respect and a positive reputation in the community.

Making the decision to give back can profoundly impact not only the community, but your organization as well. Our team at Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance leads by example, because it’s “bigger than just business.”

To learn more about our work and how you can give back to the community, contact Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance today.

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