How do we build community?

As business owners and people, why do we do what we do? How do we give back? What’s our responsibility? How do we build community?

Through my involvement with Leadership Montgomery, I had the opportunity last fall to visit the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Boyds, Md. Upon speaking with the prisoners, I was struck by how bad decisions ruin lives and how some so continually fall through the cracks of our society. On the spot, and not knowing exactly how or why, I committed to get more involved hands on. A few weeks ago, I taught the first in a series of 90- to 120-minute classes at the prison. I was humbled by the prisoners’ gratitude, eagerness to learn and hope for their futures. I am not sure how or if the class affected them, but I know I will not be the same. I have given many presentations over the past 11 years, but none have been more impactful for me as was that class.

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