What others are saying:

“Jeff delivered his presentation titled, “If Not Now, When? – Business + Leadership + Service” to our group of entrepreneurs and business leaders. His content was informative, fun, and had immediate application. Throughout Jeff’s presentation he challenged our existing paradigms and provided tools to help us create the cultural shifts we needed to make in our businesses for greater social and financial impact. Feedback from all who attended Jeff’s talk was extremely positive.”

Kelly Leonard
Taylor-Leonard Corporation

“Every star athlete has a coach…every business owner should also have a coach to help him/her be the best they can be.  Jeff has been my coach for over 8 years.  I would not be where I am today without his involvement and advise…he helps with life and is a true trusted advisor”

Harold L. Mohn Jr.
Managing Director | UHY Advisors Mid-Atlantic MD, Inc.

 “I have been working with Jeff for 4 years, and we really have benefited from coaching and  Strategic Planning Retreat. During the retreat, we identified both opportunities and potential weaknesses. More importantly, we developed ways to deal with those over the next phase of business growth. It was also very helpful to leave the retreat with a vision and written plan for the next 5-7 years backed into a 12 month action plan for implementation!”

Eric Wexler
The Law Offices of Eric Wexler, CPA

“Jeff’s unique approach to the hiring process has helped our firm select from a superior pool of candidates and has helped us avoid making the same mistakes again”

Mark Avallone
Potomac Wealth Advisors, LLC

“I’ve sat through many strategic planning sessions before and Jeff Miller’s style and approach are one of the most effective I’ve seen. He does a great job in empowering people to speak openly and honestly and take an objective look at their business to continually push the conversation forward. In leaving the session, my client had very clear targets, indicators, and action plans that made a big difference in the first year after planning. We could measure and see tangible results within 6 months.”
Kait LeDonne
LeDonne Branding Company

“I just wanted to reiterate how valuable your content was for our entire team in attendance today! I am very thankful that we are working together and I will surely do all that I can to make this relationship meaningful for every employee!”

Kelly Jackson
Culta, LLC

“When I initially reached out to work with Jeff I thought I only needed help with client development. I was under the impression that my process and methodology was good enough. Within our fi rst few meetings I realized that I needed help from the ground up, starting with creating a good foundation for how I did business. Once I started working with him I learned how much money I was leaving on the table as a result of old processes that did not adequately capture my full value. After just one month my revenue doubled.

In addition to the practical everyday coaching that Jeff provides (process, people, and methodology), he is an invaluable sounding board, he helps me see a broad range of options and possibilities, and  he shines a light on blind spots that I would not have otherwise considered. As business owners we create large goals and expectations for ourselves and for me personally, having Jeff as my coach is a big part of my success story”.

Naheed Oberfeld
Oberfeld Coaching

“Jeff ran a series of workshops on Time Management for our graduate students and faculty at Emory University, in the School of Medicine, and did a wonderful job of bringing business best practices to academics. These workshops have already had a positive impact on the attendees and sparked some great, ongoing discussions. ”

Dr. Rick Kahn
Emory University

“Jeff Miller recently provided his consulting services to 14 aspiring entrepreneurs in our non-profit program.  He is a great teacher who somehow spoke to everyone in the room even though people were at different levels in the group.  He provided relevant information, pushed these entrepreneurs to improve certain aspects of their business, but also left them feeling inspired.  He was prepared, a great teacher and facilitator, and provided significant value even in just a small window of time.  We receive pro bono support from some of the best organizations in the region, and Jeff is without question one of the best!”

Graham McLaughlin
Changing Perceptions
Washington DC

“Jeff can help executives, managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs of all levels find new ways to improve performance, have more impact, and achieve their most ambitious goals. Most importantly, Jeff is grounded. He cares deeply about helping his clients succeed, and does everything with character and a strong set of values. If you seek improvements in your organization, reach out to Jeff today and you will see at least a 5-10 times return in the value you receive from his solutions. I highly recommend his work.”
Andrew Neitlich
Center for Executive Coaching and Institute for Business Growth
Sarasota, FL

“Jeff, you have helped my firm focus on the processes and people necessary to reach our future revenue and profit goals. You have become a vital part of the success we will have in 2010 and I look forward to our continued working together. Many of the things you have helped us with, I already knew prior to us working together, but your approach and assistance with keeping the important things at the forefront of each weeks task list has been the difference between average results and exceptional results. Thanks for all the support and for helping us as a firm reach our full potential.”
Harold L. Mohn Jr.
OAO Mohn & Allen, P.C.
Olney, MD

“Jeff understands business fundamentals and organizational culture and structure. He knows how to identify and address roadblocks that hampers the performance of a business. He has helped us recognize issues within our organization that required attention and worked with us to develop plans to resolve them thereby maximizing the performance of our organization. I would recommend Jeff to any company looking to enhance the value they bring to their customers and/or improve their financial results”

Jon Rhodes
FedFinancial Federal Credit Union
Rockville, MD

“Jeff is easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and patient. He keeps me accountable and working towards the goals he has helped me make clear. I feel like a cloud has been lifted from my business practices.

Dr. Maria Higgins
Frederick, MD

“Jeff has been tremendously helpful. First, he helped me develop a long-term view of my practice. Second, he taught me to attend to those details that need work on to achieve my goals. I am getting from him what I would hope to get from a partner – skills and attitudes that make up for what I lack in running my business. The investment I have made in working with Jeff is absolutely worth the price – together, we continue to fashion a system for better attention to income, fees and cash flow.”

Ron M. Landsman, P.A.
Ron M. Landsman Esquire
Rockville, MD

“Jeff is like a train with a full load of knowledge and experience, and he takes the time to understand your business thoroughly before gearing in. He is meticulous in his work and his way of communicating sets him apart. I had the chance to work with Jeff and he is a true inspiration. If you feel the need to be helped in your business, get aboard: you will be guided in the right direction.”

Eric Brisebois
Tremplin Marketing
Montreal, Quebec

“Since meeting Jeff at the beginning of 2010 when I invited him to present to the Montgomery Village Rotary Club, we have developed a positive professional and personal relationship. He distinguishes himself by demonstrating integrity, genuine care for others and willingness to help. His talk and delivery was thought provoking, refreshing, and impactful – it was easy for our audience of business owners and executives to relate to Jeff. I would gladly engage Jeff again as a speaker, become a client, and refer clients.”

Jerome Leonard
Taylor-Leonard Corp.
Montgomery Village, MD

“Jeff, I wanted to tell you what a difference working with you has made to my business. Instead of grinding away from day to day, I have a plan and goals and am implementing changes that are immediately helping my bottom line. On any given day I can make a few bucks, but when I am working with you, I feel like the next $10,000 idea is just around the corner. Thanks for some solid help – not to mention the $14,350 increase in sales this past month due to the sales/marketing strategies you helped us create.”

Ron Strauss
Tree Believers
Commack, NY

“I asked Jeff to come and consult us when ResponseTECH was just forming and I often felt overwhelmed by the fast pace in which we were moving. Jeff helped us focus on building the foundations of the business without getting distracted by the day-to-day activities, but most important – he helped me separate my business from my family life. What I like about Jeff’s style is that he directs people to work “on” the business instead of “in” the business. For entrepreneurs who live and breathe their business 24 hours/day, seven days/week, that approach helps us keep our sanity where it should be while we grow our business with a clear mind.”

Avner Skolnik
Rockville, MD

Inviting Jeff Miller to work with our organization has been the most rewarding business investment I’ve ever made. The personal and professional growth that my team members and I have experienced as a result of our work with Jeff has far exceeded my expectations. Our sales figures are steadily increasing and our employee retention and staff morale is at an all-time high. For the first time in my career, I have a solid plan of action to achieve the vision and mission of our family business that I am so proud of. And, our net income is 136.5 percent higher than 1 year ago today!”

Adam Krause
Krause Decorating, Co.
Beltsville, MD

“Jeff’s insights and advice are actually worth more than the investment – he grounds me in ‘reality’ as I reach for the stars, so I have not suffered from bad decisions I may have otherwise made. Jeff is also involved with my team – he meets with marketing, attends team meetings, and has been indispensable in helping me hire new people.  Jeff’s technique is methodical and with his assistance, I get results!”

Ted Porter
Hyattsville, MD

“Working with Jeff over the last 14 months has provided us with the direction and accountability we knew we needed. Helping us understand our personal profiles has been a key component in working successfully as a team and has therefore given us the ability to maximize our individual strengths toward our shared goals. We look forward to our sessions with Jeff as we know he has belief in our vision for our company and will continually be the catalyst which propels us to reach that next level.”

Robin and Rick Gordon
Radio King Orchestra
Montgomery Village, MD

“Wow! What a difference. Working with Jeff has greatly increased the success of my business and helped take my firm to the next level. I absolutely have experienced the benefits of working with someone professional, knowledgeable, and devoted.”

Chris Schaefer, CFP
MV Financial
Bethesda, MD

“Jeff is an amazing guy to work with. While I was at first skeptical about the idea of having a business coach, he has opened my eyes to new ideas in the areas of marketing and human resources. I am confident that it would have taken me years of trial and error to figure out some of the innovative solutions that he has brought to my attention in the short time that we have worked together.”

Eric Wexler
The Law Offices of Eric J. Wexler, CPA
Rockville, MD

“I have utilized Jeff’s services as a trusted advisor with positive, powerful and productive results. He creates an individualized approach to meet the needs of my business.”

Rory Coakley
Coakley Realty
Rockville, MD

“Jeff has provided me with a method to set tracking and measuring mechanisms, to establish maintainable goals and objectives, to analyze “my time wasters” and to create methods for dealing with them. All of these steps have made my law practice thrive.

Mindy Felinton
Law Offices of Mindy Felinton
Rockville, MD

“Hiring a business coach has been money well spent, and setting aside time each week to work ‘on’ the business has been time well spent.

Renee Mercer
The Bedwetting Store
Olney, MD

“I had the privilege of working with and getting to know Jeff through the Center for Executive Coaching during an intensive workshop on coaching skills. Jeff has a real knack for listening and really does have his client’s best interests at heart. I would look forward to working with him again and I highly recommend him and his company to prospective clients and other coaches.”

Rick Albee
Hiller Avenue Partners, LLC
Richmond, VA

“When Yvonne and I were discussing with colleagues where we wanted our business to be in five years, Jeff Miller’s name came up. Three years later, Jeff is a huge part of where we are today. He’s helped us grow our business — turning it into a business that works for us, and not us for it.
Yvonne and Glenford Blanc
Olney, MD

Jeff has showed me new ways to think about marketing and sales, and how to exercise skills and ideas that were being ignored. I am very happy to join the chorus of those who have found Jeff’s guidance an immeasurable benefit.”
Bob Dodelin
Sidney’s Music and Entertainment
North Potomac, MD